15 Minories, office block
Large abandoned office block

Abandoned industrial units
Old industrial units

Abbey Mills
Old Abbey mill building that has been converted into offices and is now being converted into residential units with a large Sainsburys behind it.

Addenbrooke care home
Hampshire council care home in Gosport

Aldgate office block
The ground floor is used for parking and offers access to the old Boar's head theatre plot.

Allslade steelworks factory
Empty factory used for steel structure manufacturing.

APW Chandlers Ford
Offices and industrial premises for the now bankrupt APW that made metal rack enclosures.

Arrochar Torpedo Testing Station
Naval torpedo testing station

Bath press
Newspaper production and printers.

Birmingham Battery and Metal company
Engineering company admin offices.

Birmingham workhouse
Old workhouse building

Blackgang chine abandoned hotel and park
Remains of houses hotel and a fun park on the Blankgang Chine cliffs

Blue Anchor pub

Bournemouth iMax
Imax cinema building on Bournemouth sea front.

Bovisand fort
Defensive fort, partly used as offices and accomodation

Bramley camp
Old MOD ammo depot now used by the SAS for training and some TV series.

Bristol deep shelter
Railway tunnel, come air raid shelter, come rifle range.

Brooklands air raid shelter

Brunel house
Royal Navy offices

BSA Motorbike factory

Buckfastleigh quarry
Disused quarry.

Buckmore park scout activity centre
Disused scout activity centre

Bullington Cross Inn

Burnt out Motorola offices
Engineering and factory buildings

Bushfield camp
Disused Military training camp in Winchester

Cambridge House
Mansion house formerly lived in by Lord Palmerston. The building was used up to 1996 by the Naval and Military Club, but was bought and was being done up for another private club and has now been disused since 2009

Capitol Cinema
ABC cinema building

Car sales warehouse

Cardington airship hangers

Cedars hotel
Derelict hotel

Chalk quarry/depot

Chambers Wharf
Old cold store warehouses

Clifton Rocks Railway
Funicular railway set in the cliff side at Bristol

Coldeast hospital mansion
Old mansion house that was incorprated into the Hospital admin and is now being developed a a hotel.

Colliers tower

Copnor fire station
Disused fire station and control centre

Cornerways care home
Hampshire council care home in Winchester

Corsham Central ammunition depot
Old stone quaries converted into ammunition depots during the World Wars

Cosham cinema

Coulsdon Bunker
Abandoned tunnels near Canehill hospital

Criggion transmitter station
Ex transmitter station, all removed bar the buildings now.

Cwmbran county hall
Disused county hall buildings suffering from concrete rot, but has a nuclear bunker underneath.

Dame Judith Professional Centre
Old school buldings with plans for redevelopment as housing.

Day care centre

Dean Hill ammo base

Disused sidings on the Severn Valley Railway
Mostly disused siding with some old stock and track hardware.

Dukes and Botley
Animal feed storage/warehouse

Durham cathedral tunnels

Eastleigh railway works
Railway works depot at Eastleigh

EastPoint centre
EastPoint sports and entertainment centre

Eaststreet shopping arcade
1970s shopping arcade

Eldridge Pope Brewery
Disused brewery since 2006.

Empty house

Empty office building

Enclosed reservior
Used for drinking water so secure.

Europa house
Office block and car park, formerly used by Pall group.

Exford shopping arcade
Shopping arcade and apartment blocks in the centre of Harefield

Factory units
Empty, but currently secure factory units

Fir Hill Manor
Abandoned and derelict 19th century manor house.

Fisher football stadium
Former football stadium of Fisher Athletic

Fleet photographic unit

Fluor offices

Focus superstore

Ford Transit factory
25+ year old ford transit van factory

Former post office building
Converted to a Pizza express

Fort Southwick
Old military fort, now used for storage and some offices.

Frank James Hospital
Disused victorian hospital buildings.

Fraser Gunnery Range

Fratton Cinema

G S Smart workshops
Metalwork factory and workshops

GCHQ Oakley
Former GCHQ site. Now empty, soon to be redeveloped.

Goodwood aux unit bunker
Goodwood Auxillary Unit bunker used durign the coldwar as an emergency shelter for the home guard.

Gosport terminus station
Terminus for the Fareham to Gosport railway

Graylingwell Hospital
Chichester Asylum

Greenbank Courthouse

Greenham Common airfield
Ex US cold war airfield.

Greenham Common Cruise missile bunkers
Cruise missile bunker from the cold war era.

Grosvenor House hotel & club

GWR & Farley's baby food warehouse
Railway road transfer station, used by Farley's for storage

Highgrove lodge
Former Portsouth council care home

Hilsea Lido, main pool

Hole in wall in Plymouth docks
Unknown hole

Holton Heath Armemant Factory

Homefield boarding school
School that closed in 2005 and is now subject to various planning enquiries.

Horncliffe Mansion
Former manor house, car home, hotel.

IBM Greenock
Old IBM manufacturing plant

Illford camp (Little Poland)
Polish camp used after the wars

Army training village

Isham magazines
Chemical and explosive storage magazines.
They used to be owned by ICI, but now are believed to store fireworks.

Kidlington grain silos
World War 2 grain silos.

Kind Edward VII hospital
Disused hospital with unused chapel

King's Point
Old office block


Landata House
Abandoned office block

Lift tower
Concrete tower used for testing of lifts and their machinery

Lockerley Green

Longbridge works paintshop
Part of the old Austin/Rover factory.
This remaining building is said to contain an old underground control centre as well.

Lots Road Power Station

LSU/Southampton University
Teacher training college, later taken over by Southampton University then closed in 2006.

McClusky's night club

Mechanics Institute

Merefield House
Council social services offices

Meridian studios
TV studios and offices for the ITV meridian region.

MET Office Experimental site
Research site for the MET office.

Methodist Home for the Aged
Abandoned care home.

Micheldever fuel pumping station

Millbrook Transport depot

Millenium Complex
todo_NL_To do_NL_Needs a ladder to the roof/entrance

Millenium mills

Millton cinema
todo_NL_To do_NL_Bought by a community church group and being done up
Conversion has started (from Streetview) (2010/03/10)

Group 10, post 50

Moorgreen hospital
Previously a work house, but converted to a hospital and now is largely disused.

Moorhill house
Late 19th century house

Multiyork factory
Burnt out factory and offices.

National Temperance Hospital
Abandoned hospital buildings

National tower testing station
Structural test centre for the CEGB

Natwest Goodman's Fields offices
Disused offices and light industrial office block at Goodman's Fields

Newsham park hospital
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

North End Odeon

North Woolwich Station

Norwich Union offices
Large Norwich Union/Aviva offices in Worthing.

Oaklands School
Old school site, that was going to be converted to a supermarket

Old apartments blocks

Old Cheltenham and Gloucester offices
Abandoned building site.

Old house
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

Old office building
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

Old show house, Kettering
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

Old Street courthouse
done2_NL_Done_NL_Fairly easy to access by climbing the fence and gate then access through a top floor window.
It does have on site Nigerians though.

Ordnance Survey offices
Former Ordnance Survey office

Overstone college
no_NL_No chance_NL_Half used as offices, the rest is sealed fairly tight.
Want to go back during the day for decent photos

Pilot distribution warehouse
Abandoned warehouse and offices

Plymouth Maritime HQ
Underground bunker control centre near Plymouth dock yard.

Pocklington Place nursing home
Disused and half demolished nursing home.

Portsdown main

Portsmouth Grayhound stadium

Portswood bus depot
First Bus depot

Pound's scrap yard
Ship breakers yard next to the motorway into Portsmouth.

Priddy's Hard
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_Seems to be mostly contained in a secure bared fence, bu may be accessable around the south west of the site.

Progressive Engineering
Old metalworking shop and small offices.

done2_NL_Done_NL_You know the rest...

Group 14

Queen Elizabeth barracks
done2_NL_Done_NL_Both compounds are accessable, but are used for guard dog training.
Not ideal...
The south part has been explored.

RAE Bedford wind tunnel

RAF Tangmere control tower
no_NL_No chance_NL_It is bricked up solid.
No chance of entry.

Random small warehouse
no_NL_No chance_NL_Already been demolished.

Raven's nightclub

Redbridge School
Old school building

Remains of Crookham Camp
todo_NL_To do_NL_Both compounds are accessable, but are used for guard dog training.
Not ideal..

Riviera hotel
Abandoned and fire damaged hotel in Newquay

ROC number 14 group HQ
no_NL_No chance_NL_Gone. Soon to be a "Gated housing development"

ROF Featherstone
todo_NL_To do_NL_Largely disused and empty

ROF Heapey
Former ammunition storage depot, but is rumoured to be used to store a reserve of steam locomotives.

Salisbury hospital
no_NL_No chance_NL_On the ball security.
Theymanaged to see me whereever I was inside the compound.

The rest of the site is still a very live (and new) hospital

Salvation Army hostel

Shorditch station
Disused underground station

Shoreham cement works
done2_NL_Done_NL_We got caught by security but is a very nice site and you MUST keep your wits about you.

Solvay petrochemical plant
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

Southampton Central health clinic
The Central health clinic in Southampton was a fairly busy clinic containing various non medical services like voice therapy, child services, etc.
It was also neighboured by the ambulance station.

Southampton civil defence control centre
Part of the Southampton civil defence network during the cold war.

Southampton civil defence control centre east
Part of the Southampton civil defence network during the cold war.

St Alexandra childrens hospital
Victorian hospital with all wards and interior left.

St Crispins hospital
todo_NL_To do_NL_I have been to the farm, but I don't know the state of the remaining buildings.

St James' asylum
no_NL_No chance_NL_The entire site is in use with the exception of the north easterly building which is boarded up tightly.

St Lawrence tunnel
Old railway tunnel, used as a mushroom farm and now fallen into disuse.

St Mary's Hospital
Disused hospital wings

St Michael's school
Unused school buildings

Staff college, RAF training site
todo_NL_To do_NL_The house is still standing but the surrounding area has been flattened for a housing estate

Staybrite steelworks
Abandoned steel works between Sheffield and Rotherham

Sunninghill house
Former home of various royals, now abandoned.

Swanpool fuel depot
Largely disused RAF fuel depot

Swindon College

Tatchbury mount hospital
done_NL_Done_NL_All flattened bar a (secure) bat roost at the back of the site, a gutted gatehouse and a nissan hut theatre hall.
The rest is still in use.

TGI Fridays & Liberties club
Fire damaged TGI Fridays restaurant and night club

The American Adventure
Run down and abandoned theme park

The Boathouse at Bittern Triangle

The Contented Pig
Old bikers pub

The Moat house
Ex community centre and nursey

The Mount hospital
done2_NL_Done_NL_Slowly deteriorating but all still left standing.
The buildings have been resecured.

The White Hart Inn

Thurlston house care home
Hampshire council care home in Fleet

Time & Envy night clubs
Sea side night clubs, Casino and office

Transport Research Laboratory (old site)
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_They are moving offices so may be worth a visit at some point.
The perimeter has high fencing around most of it, but parts look accessable

Tresham University, Kettering
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_Ground floor is secure around the front.
Back may not be but has high sharp fences

Tyrel and Greens
Empty department store in Southampon centre

Underground fuel store

Undershaw Hotel (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's house)
One of the residences of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then converted into a hotel and now stands abandoned with plans to redevelop for apartments.

Ventnor Chain Home Radar Station
World War 2 radar station.

Victoria swimming centre

Vosper Thornycroft Cosham admin building

Vosper Thornycroft ship yard

Waltham Abbey Gunpowder mills

Warehouse in Woolston
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_Difficult to get to.
The gate is guarded at night so needs a daytime reccy.


Water pumping station
Disused water pumping station.
Possibly linked with the reservoir to the south.

Water reservoir
Reservoir set into the hill west of Birmingham.

Water works site

Wells & district hosipital

West Raynham airfield
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

West sussex ice rink
no_NL_No chance_NL_Looks nigh on impossible to get in from the back and the front is very visible (9/2009)

Western tower
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_

Whiteley shopping village
Outlet shopping centre that is being closed for redevelopment

Wickham Stable yard
done_NL_Done_NL_Right in the middle of school grounds so arkward to get to.

Winchester reference library

Witley park
Underwater billiards room in a private lake.

Workshop units
todo_NL_To reccy_NL_For sale with planning permission to build 14K houses

Yardley Chase ammo depot (east)
World War 2 ammo dump and training ground.

Yardley Chase ammo depot (west)
World War 2 ammo dump and training ground.

Yet another London office block