There isn't much to say about me, but I'm a young lass living in Hampshire who's interested in walking, climbing, photography, computers, and all the usual gumpf.

This site contains lots of random stuff for/about/belonging to me that you may find of interest or use.

I have formally asked for an ADHD referral...

I have been really struggling with motivation, keeping on top of basic tasks, self care.
I originally put this down to depression, but Sertraline, and Citalopram had no effect, both of which I have come off of.
Independently, I have had friends with ADHD recognise various symptoms in myself and suggested I check it out.

My response to the GRA consultation

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Questions 1 and 2 - Experiences of Trans Respondents

Question 1: If you are a trans person, have you previously applied, or are you currently applying, for a Gender Recognition Certificate?


Question 2: If you are a trans person, please tell us what having Gender Recognition Certificate means, or would mean, to you.

It would allow my correct gender to be officially recognised by government institutions.

I could enter into marriage or civil partnership as my correct gender.

TDoR 2017

We mark another year, and yet another increase in the number of trans people murdered in the last 12 months. 325 men, women and children, and countless more lost to suicide, for nothing more than trying to live their lives.

Looking for offence

I've just had someone ask me if I look for reasons to be offended.
Well, I guess, as an LGBT and equality activist, maybe I do, but I don't have to look very far to see examples of discrimination against my community.


Wooo, I'm famous!

I was finally convinced to do an interview for Scoutadelic on my story of transition and scouting!

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